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Be efficient, be professional, be correct and creative

In the process of developing a business, managing it and honing it into the ideal functional unit of your dreams or in honing your own skills to excellence, Intoact offers a collection of courses, workshops and practical scenario experiments.

A person or a company are a product of the principles and methods they utilize in reaching their organizational goals. Our learning process focuses on guiding teams and people through organizational changes. Frameworks are presented to shape perceptions and present ways that help the business adaptation process. In the business world, reactions and responses must be customized to achieve goals.

One of these goals is assured customer delight. Our workshops and practical experiments (such as a 2-day call-center workshop) are essential practice in understanding customer needs, consumer trends, employee communication tactics and flexibility in dealing with people. We understand the diversity and the hardships of dealing with people. But with enough practice and an enlightened perception of the market, dealing is simple & systematic.

For corporate managers and future entrepreneurs, Intoact holds workshops in which decision making strategies are encouraged. In such workshops, creativity and the elasticity of adaptation are tested and stimulated. The business cloud is changing and shifting at an incredibly fast pace. That requires a swift and creative mentality. For survival in such an evolving climate, managing your time and efficiency, your tools and skills, is a must.

In addition to personal motivation courses and developing sales skills, Intoact focuses on a factor that ensures an excellent, successful business character. That factor is vision.

Allow Intoact to hone & coach your awaiting potential in this business environment.

Find a Way to Say Yes

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Lead, Motivate & Inspire

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Negotiating for Results

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Change Matters

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Vision, Energy, and Passion to Serve

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Conflict Resolution

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Professional Selling Skills

Upcoming Courses
  • Time Management
      Thursday, 9th of February, 2017

    This course is a personal one. We attempt to encourage self-analysis/examination through certain activities and practical exercises. Once they know themselves, participants will understand what needs to be managed.