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Self-esteem, source of self confidence, is a process that is developed through our lives. The self-esteem and the assertiveness are currently learned in the academic and business world; Good or bad, self-esteem is never fixed and it can always change. It can affect us as it can affect also people with whom we are in a relationship. 

Audience & Method of Delivery

The workshop is based on experiences, reactions and needs of participants; as well, on exercises like mediation, group activities, individual practical activities.This workshop will help you to define positively your attitude, your decisions, and your actions and will help you also to increase your daily well being.

This course is addressed to anyone wishing to develop his ease in his relationship with himself and his interpersonal relationships.

Topics to be covered

Workshop 1

  • Elements of theory
  • Make yourself known in the group
  • Deepen the components of self-esteem
  • Distinguish between one's being and one's actions
  • Finding your true identity

Workshop 2

  • Knowing how to enter into one's inner self
  • Recognize its sensory world and learn how to manage it
  • Discover the influence of one's inner self on one's personal energy
  • Exercise the affirmation of a goal

Workshop 3

  • Watching and learning to love yourself
  • Seeing Success
  • Recognizing yourself loved through someone's eyes
  • Adjust the perception of body appearance

Workshop 4

  • Distinguishing helpful messages from harmful messages
  • Reject harmful messages
  • Experiencing its power of change
  • Become a part of its resources to succeed


Training Objectives

  • Be conscious about the quality of our self-esteem, and about the necessity to work on it through our lives.
  • Ameliorate our self confidence in order to have a better quality of life and better relations.
  • Have a good self-esteem, without under or over estimating, to know and to accept our weaknesses; and to know as well our strengths and to benefit from them.

Participants of this training program will benefit from

  • Individual follow up during the course.
  • A 30 minutes private assessment to be scheduled individually during the training.
  • A Final Evaluation at the end of the program.
  • Immediate result on both personal and professional levels.


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