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Certified Digital Marketer CDM - Online Program

The Digital Marketing Certification (CDM) by IIB Council is a 360 degree, Vendor-Agnostic, Hands-On Training and Certification Course specifically tailored for those who are aspiring to apply the latest Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking practices and techniques on both corporate and entrepreneurial levels.

Premium Learning Experience

When you get enrolled in our digital marketing certification  program, you will get a premium learning experience that will elevate your career to new heights!

Custom Project Feedback

Get personalized feedback on your projects from our marketing experts to learn even faster!

+10 hrs of HD Videos

Access to detailed instructional videos that go through each aspect of digital marketing including the latest tools and technologies!

Premium Support

Whenever you feel stuck, you can always ask us questions and receive answers from our digital marketing experts!

Quizzes and Tests

Test your knowledge with frequent quizzes after each section of the program and be ready for the final certification exam!

Prestigious Certification

As with EC Council's Certifications, CDM is made inline with the internationally-recognized ANSI standards.

What you're going to learn

We designed our Digital Marketing Certification (CDM) to help entrepreneurs and professionals get a comprehensive and complete understanding of practical digital marketing from strategy and content marketing, to digital advertising and technical SEO. It’s all in there!

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Module 2: Marketing Strategy 2.0
  3. Module 3: Content Marketing & Lead Management
  4. Module 4: Web Development & Design
  5. Module 5: Web Analytics
  6. Module 6: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  7. Module 7: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  8. Module 8: Video Marketing
  9. Module 9: Email Marketing
  10. Module 10: Affiliate & Mobile Marketing
Tools You're Going to Use in Your Projects with CDM

Google Analytics

Facebook Ads MozGoogle Ads Google Search Console Wordpress 

Fees: $499.00

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For more info about the program, you can reach us anytime on 04-526333

Enjoy the learning!


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