Make the Be Happy Today! Make the Change Happen
Change Matters

Duration: 1 Day

Whether you are a CEO or a low-entry employee, the cyclical changes in the business world will have an effect on you & your organizational function.This course teaches people to deal with constant and sudden changes. It aids in adjusting peoples’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors when a shift/change occurs. Organizational change is linked to personal change. For that reason, Intoact provides textbooks and programs with an established framework that aids in gaining a fresh and adaptable perception of fluctuations. This developed insight will help you transition as businesses do.
This one-day program is designed to instill more responsibility and adaptability into your business persona, mitigating the hard and volatile path of changing your life & business.

By the end of this training program, you will able to: 

  • Clearly understand how it feels like during a change situation.
  • Understand and follow a six step process to help you take responsibility for how you react and respond to change.

Who is this course for? 
Individuals at all levels who wish to learn and follow a logical process in order to deal effectively with personal change.


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