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When we are parents, we ask ourselves many questions: "How should we behave towards our children who have behaviors that are difficult to manage? When and how should we punish? How to be obeyed and not give in to everything. yield to everything? .... Being a parent can sometimes be a complex mission. We often have the impression of "doing wrong", not being the "perfect parent" that we dreamed of becoming.

How to know what is good for our children, how to be sure to adopt the right attitudes?
We propose here a course that will allow a reflection on the accompaniment of the parenting, taking into consideration not only the tests that you can meet as parents but also by relying on your resources and potentialities.

Audience & Method of Delivery

This training is built on the experiences, reactions and needs of the participants; role playing, simulation, psychological test, listening, sharing and exchanges in group, individual workshops, and theoretical flashes.
This course is addressed to all parents wishing to know what is good for their children and how to deal with them adopting the right attitudes.

Training Objectives

This training tackles different themes with the aim of developing the most fulfilling parent-child relationship possible. Our workshops assume that our quality as parents has an impact on our children and that our children are often mirrors of our own problems. That is why we make the choice to work at the level of the know-how to develop a quality of being positive and constructive, first for ourselves and then for our children.

Topics to be covered

Workshop 1

  • What kind of parent are you? Relax (permissive, friendly parent), authoritarian, overprotective or democratic?
  • What is the impact of your parenting style on the child development?

Workshop 2

Authority: the landmarks, the rules, the limits that allow the child to grow.

  • How to assert oneself in a correct and benevolent way (without spanking or patting),
  • To put a framework and limits that structure and blossom the child?
  • How to reinforce good behavior and help the child build a strong self-esteem.

Workshop 3

The Aggressive Child

  • Why does the child adopt aggressive behavior?
  • How to prevent aggression?
  • How to intervene when a child adopts aggressive behavior?
  • Does the way parent care for the child influence their temperament?
  • Can the temperament change?

Workshop 4

Fraternal relations

  • How to pursue the children towards harmonious brother-sister relations?
  • How to manage disputes, rivalries, jealousy?
  • How do we respond to everyone's needs in a balanced and fair manner?

Values: The Five Golden Rules of Good Conduct: Sharing, Respect, Forgiveness, Honesty and Pleasure.

  • From what age can we inculcate these values to our children?
  • How can you help them learn the best values?

Participants of this training program will benefit from

  • Individual follow up during the course.
  • A 30 minutes private assessment to be scheduled individually during the training.
  • A Final Evaluation at the end of the program.
  • Immediate result on a personal level.


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