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Presenting With Impact

Duration: 2 Days

Intoact knows how some presentations can be exhaustive to the nerves and end up being boring lectures in which no one is actually informed or attentive. Passive listening is a large obstacle in the communication sector. We realize that messages must be communicated with utmost clarity to ensure a cohesive response and appropriate action.

The purpose of presentations is not passive listening and note-taking. Across this course, participants will learn how transform their presentations into inspiring, clear and influential communication mediums.

Participants will learn how to engage the audience with clear messages, logical arguments, persuasive voice tones, relevant content, compelling visuals and emotional appeal.

The two-day program provides a guiding framework to teach others how to design, develop, and deliver compelling, impactful presentations. Participants will learn simple, innovative concepts they can apply throughout the design and delivery process. Additionally, participants will assess & learn the most effective ways to structure presentations, research content, create visuals and enhance their delivery.

By the end of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the three principles of presentation.
  • Structure a presentation and visuals with focus, clarity and impact.
  • Effectively visualize, build, structure, and deliver a presentation with focus, engagement and passion.

Who's this course for? 

Anyone who wishes to dramatically enhance their presentation skills. 


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