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Social Media Marketing

This Social Media Marketing course covers the fundamentals of building effective social media strategies and campaigns.

The course also highlights different case studies and introduces the core techniques in digital marketing, helping all the participants to apply the best digital practices in their own strategies.

Topics to be covered: 

Include the Social channels in the business strategy

  • Facebook Business Pages
    Marketing & Ads | Tips & Tools 
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
    Content & Ads Strategy
  • Instagram Content & Ads Strategy
    Tips & Tools  
  • Twitter for Business
    Twitter Tools  
  • YouTube for Business 
  • Google+ for Business

Digital Strategy Highlights

  • Social Media Management | Software and Tools 
  • Photo & Video Strategies 
  • Going viral with Social Media 
  • Custom Audiences | Lookalike Audience 
  • Lead Generation Strategies 
  • Choose the right campaign objective 


After completing this training program, you will be able to:

  • Create a professional social media strategy.
  • Maintain an effective digital presence on the social platforms.
  • Develop social media marketing campaigns followed by a consistent monitoring and analysis.  
  • Develop effective social media ads.
  • Do the analytics needed to maintain a good and professional digital presence.

At the end of the program you will benefit from the following materials:

  • Top social media scheduling tools 
  • Free stock photos websites 
  • Viral Marketing case studies 
  • Successful Social Media campaigns 
  • Social Media Ads e-books 
  • Content creation materials & tools
  • Useful online tools & templates


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