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Social Media Photography Workshop

This course will cover all the basic knowledge needed to understand photography more and be able to create better pictures for your social media platforms or to become a better beginner photographer.

People with DSLR cameras or phones can take part in this practical and engaging course.

First session:

- Introduction to photography and digital photography

- How does the camera work?

- Lenses:

  • Focal length
  • Zoom lenses and prime lenses
  • Aperture

- Exposure:

  • Understanding exposure
  • The exposure triangle (Aperture – Shutter – ISO)
  • Freezing action
  • Blurring subjects
  • Coping with low light situations
  1. Why low light?
  2. Dealing with low light using camera settings
  3. Equipment to help with low light
  4. Urban evening shoot
  5. Working with landscape
  6. Try black and white
  7. Working with people in low light
  8. Use HDR

- Shutter Speed Vs. Aperture Vs. ISO (When to choose which)
- Metering modes explained

- Depth of Field

- Auto focus Vs. Manual focus

Second session:

- Quality of light and light temperature

- Understand white balance

- Understand histograms

- Composition rules:

  • Simplify the scene
  • Aspect ratio
  • Avoid the middle
  • Leading lines
  • Use diagonals
  • Space to move
  • Backgrounds
  • Creative with colors
  • Breaking the rules
  • Foreground for framing

- Time-lapse photography

- Portrait photography tips

Third session:

- How and when to use flash:

  • Off camera flash
  • Light modifiers
  • Portraits lighting techniques

- Understanding dynamic range

- Understanding HDR:

  • When to shoot HDR?
  • How to shoot HDR?
  • HDR processing
  • Using “Photometric”

- Understanding RAW:


- Light painting or Light graffiti

Fourth session:

- Post-processing

- Lightroom basics:

  • Cropping
  • Straightening horizon
  • Modifying Image perspective
  • Increasing depth of field
  • Sharpening
  • Vignette
  • Color adjustments
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Color Balance
  • Converting to black and white

Fifth session:

- Why and when to use phone photography:

  • How to make better pictures
  • Tips every photographer should know

- Post-processing apps:

  • What are the best and easy apps to use
  • Overview of some apps

- Social media photography:

  • Exploring social media apps for photographers
  • Do’s and Don’ts on social media
  • Social media photography tips
  • Some social media strategies tips for photographers

- Major tips for beginner photographers.

Date: February 17, 19, 24, 26, 28, 2020
Time: 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Location: Intoact Offices, 7th Floor, Le Mall Dbayeh Building, Dbayeh Highway 

Course Fees: $390*

Credit card payments will be charged an additional 3% bank fees
*The fees includes coffee breaks and a certificate of completion from Intoact 
*Special prices for groups 

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About the Trainer:

Gerard Meksas, Photographer for more than 8 years, collaborated with National Geographic to lead the "photo walk" event "National Geographic You Shot Meetup" in Tønsberg – Norway in 2016. During this remarkable event, he was able to give a lecture about "types of photography" and had a significant discussion about that topic, in addition to assisting the attendees one on one while taking pictures around one of the oldest towns in Norway.
Gerard collaborated as well with National Geographic with the "photo walks" in Copenhagen - Denmark, Malmö - Sweden and being. 

He is well known for his nature and landscape photography and his work has been mentioned in numerous albums on, as well as some of his corporate work for "Ludvigsen A.S" was mentioned in some magazines like “Oslo Design Fair” and “Norwegian Fashion Week”.

Don't forget to bring your camera so you can do live practices.


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