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Time Management

Duration: 1.5 Day

This course is a personal one. We attempt to encourage self-analysis/examination through certain activities and practical exercises. Once they know themselves, participants will understand what needs to be managed. Eventually, participants will learn to use tools and techniques to set goals, plan, prioritize, and delegate. This course also explores and teaches how to manage relations with others in relation to time management. This high energy course ensures that participants know how to always be in control of their time, avoiding interruptions & reducing distractions for efficiency’s sake.

By the end of this training course you will be able to:

  • Recognize personal strengths and any shortcomings in their approach to managing time as a crucial resource.
  • Organize themselves and their workspace for better efficiency.
  • Take control of their time and make improvements to their ways of working.
  • Set goals and use different time planning methods.
  • Identify time bandits, assess priorities, and handle time related stress more effectively.
  • Use best practice delegation steps.

Who is this course for? 

Business professionals who want to take better control of their time and manage themselves, their work environment, and their relations more effectively.


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