Make the Be Happy Today! Make the Change Happen
Vision, Energy, and Passion to Serve

Duration: 2 Days

Any good & operating business aims to increase its value by creating value for the customer. This is why this workshop focuses on prioritizing customer service and care. Participants will become more flexible. They will learn to become inspirational communicators able to engage customers and to deliver world-class customer care.

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Explain how their role is instrumental in creating a high performance customer focused environment.
  • Realign their thinking about customer complaints.
  • Describe the opportunity that exists to develop increased lifetime value from even the most challenging customer situations.
  • State the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required to be a professional customer care representative
  • Explain the importance of measuring and benchmarking service and the value of a lost customer
  • Create stronger connections with customers.
  • Explain the basics of customer psychology, rapport building, and adapting their communication styles for positive customer interactions.

Who is this course for?  

Customer service staff and professionals at all levels.


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