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6 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads

Are Facebook ads working for you?
Get the best ads performance by making sure they target the right audience. 
You can find below 5 ways to start optimizing your Facebook advertisements.

Digital Communication | Stop Trying to Sound Smart in Writing

When we read writings such as proposals, reports or simple emails, we turned off by people who put much efforts trying to sound smart than in trying to be smart... Well, people would like to read communications where they do not notice what’s behind the writing. The best way to write is to be transparent; and this is achieved by the good content and throwing away anything that weakens it. 

How to market your business on social media during the Coronavirus

Although many companies are shutting down their business during the Coronavirus outbreak, we can still be active on social media and digital platforms, to keep our customers engaged and interested in our products and services, even if we cannot sell them at the time being.

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